Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Return of the Homework

The University of Limerick lulls you into a false sense of security. No continuous assessment, no homework assignments, eight hours of sleep a night, and then BAM! Return of the homework!

This week alone I have an essay worth 40 percent due in one class, a huge group project due in another, an essay due last week worth 40 percent, scholarship applications due, and exams to start studying for. The long-felt freedom is over.

You know it's getting serious when the Irish students actually start attending class. In one of my tutorials (smaller classes taught by grad students), we went from an attendance of three to an attendance of forty within two weeks. Time to face the music.

Some tips for future students: If you need to use the computer lab in the library, be ready to queue (fancy word for wait in line). Also, have some choice words ready for the computer, because the UL computers are comparatively slow and usually one program will fail. You can't save anything on the network itself, so make sure to email it to yourself. Otherwise, tears will be shed.

Still, it isn't all bad. The UL has a great program, Cite it Right, which is pretty much Harvard Referencing for Dummies. Greatly utilized by yours truly. The professors are always quick to reply to email. And if you need studying food, an ice cream truck, music and all, comes rolling around your village. And really, what isn't improved with ice cream?

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